Industries Served

MultiSensor AI provides turnkey solutions for predictive maintenance and asset reliability, manufacturing process control, and facility safety protocols. MultiSensor AI's flagship software, MSAI Cloud, fuels operational efficiency and safety for global enterprises in manufacturing, electric utilities, oil and gas, distribution and logistics, and more.


Distribution & Logistics

Turnkey predictive maintenance solutions for critical assets



Dynamic predictive maintenance and process control solutions


Oil & Gas

Predictive maintenance and fugitive emissions identification


Electric Energy

Turnkey predictive maintenance and safety solutions

MSAI Software Applications

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Predictive Process Control
  • Facility Safety
MSAI Cloud_Belt

Predictive Maintenance & Reliability

Turnkey predictive maintenance solution for high-value critical assets.

  • Conveyor systems and equipment
  • Belts, bearings, gearboxes, and motors
  • Sorters, pickers, robotics, and automation equipment
  • Critical power and electrical equipment
  • Powerplants and substations
MSAI Cloud_Manuacturing

Predictive Process Control

Leverage continuous imaging and sensing data inputs to identify and predict manufacturing output deviations and perform root cause analysis.

  • Output size and dimension deviations
  • Output temperature deviations
  • Assembly and functionality deviations
MSAI Cloud_Fire Detection

Facility Safety

MSAI Software leverages continuous, real-time thermal video feeds and sensing data points to identify safety threats to facilities and personnel.

  • Early Fire Detection
  • Thermal runaway in electronics
  • Overheating equipment and components
  • Leak and spill detection
  • Fugitive emissions detection

MSAI Capabilities

MultiSensor AI's MSAI Cloud software leverages continuous, real-time sensor and imaging data to optimize maintenance, manufacturing, and safety processes.

Live and Historical Data Views.

View live and recorded infrared, visible, and acoustic imaging, and vibration sensing data.

AI-Powered Analytics & Dashboards

Comprehensive AI analytics and dashboard suite allows users to gather insights to optimize maintenance and operational processes

Real-Time Alerts

Live alert & alarm notifications notify teams or individuals via email, SMS, Slack, and other channels of critical issues

Seamless System Integrations

Flexible integrations automatically generate system work orders or trigger facility responses in EAM, DCS, PLC, and SCADA systems

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