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AI-Powered Software for Predictive Maintenance & Process Control

MSAI Edge stands out as a groundbreaking, AI-driven software solution that redefines predictive asset reliability and process control within industrial environments. Unlike cloud-based platforms, MSAI Edge is on premises, allowing customers to control security for sensitive data. Seamlessly integrating with existing operational systems, MSAI Edge utilizes advanced thermal imaging, acoustic imaging, visible imaging, and vibration sensing hardware solutions strategically deployed throughout your facilities. This setup enables continuous monitoring of critical equipment and processes, delivering real-time insights into their health and performance, and is readily integrated into existing operational and business intelligence systems. Leveraging robust infrastructure and scalability, MSAI Edge processes vast amounts of data on-site, facilitating immediate analysis and providing actionable predictive analytics. With MSAI Edge, businesses can proactively identify potential issues, prevent costly downtime, and optimize operations with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

All The Benefits of MSAI Cloud, On Premises

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Al Analytics

AI-powered analytics and dashboard suite designed to empower users with actionable insights for optimizing maintenance and operational processes

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Remote Viewing

Access real-time data from infrared, visible, and acoustic imaging, as well as vibration sensing cameras and sensors, conveniently consolidated onto a unified platform

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Alerts & Alarms

Receive instant alert and alarm notifications, ensuring timely communication with teams or individuals through email, SMS, Slack, and various other channels

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Archival & Retrieval

Securely store vital data, facilitating trend analyses, advanced AI model training, and compliance with data regulations

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Seamless integrations enable automatic generation of system work orders or initiation of facility responses across EAM, DCS, PLC, and SCADA systems, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in operations

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Software Updates

MultiSensor AI provides continuous edge software updates, enhancing functionality over time for consistent peak performance

MSAI Cloud In Industrial Operations

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution & Logistics
  • Oil & Gas
  • Electric Energy

Predictive Maintenance & Process Control in Manufacturing

MSAI Edge is a cutting-edge, on premises software solution, ideally suited for manufacturers seeking comprehensive predictive maintenance and process control solutions. Leveraging advanced imaging and sensing hardware, including infrared, visible, and acoustic imaging, coupled with vibration sensors, MSAI Edge harnesses the power of AI models to precisely detect and anticipate potential asset issues and deviations in production outputs. By preventing expensive unplanned downtime and optimizing output yields, MSAI Edge effectively reduces waste and mitigates asset repair and replacement expenses, ensuring enhanced operational efficiency and profitability for manufacturers. 


Predictive Maintenance in Distribution & Logistics

MSAI Edge, an AI-driven software solution, transforms predictive maintenance and machine performance in distribution and fulfillment centers. It seamlessly integrates with advanced imaging and sensing hardware, collecting data from infrared, visible, and acoustic imaging, as well as vibration sensors, to identify and forecast asset health and performance issues. With its proprietary AI models, MSAI Edge accurately detects immediate reliability concerns and optimizes ongoing asset maintenance by analyzing continuous sensing data inputs. Proven to reduce unplanned downtime, idle labor, waste, and asset repair expenses, MSAI Edge is the ultimate solution for optimizing distribution center operations.


Reliability, Safety, and Environmental Solutions for Oil & Gas

MSAI Edge is a specialized on-premises solution designed for the unique demands of oil and gas extraction, production, and distribution operations. Leveraging AI-powered software and data from infrared, visible, and acoustic imaging, as well as vibration sensing, MSAI Edge anticipates maintenance needs, identifies safety hazards, and detects fugitive emissions. This advanced technology has proven its effectiveness in reducing unplanned downtime and labor inefficiencies, boosting output yields, addressing safety concerns, and facilitating compliance with environmental regulations.


Predictive Maintenance and Safety in Electrical Energy

MSAI Edge offers a robust on-premises continuous monitoring solution crafted specifically for electric energy production, transmission, and distribution operations. Through the fusion of AI-powered software with data from infrared, visible, and acoustic imagers, as well as vibration sensors, MSAI Edge effectively forecasts asset maintenance needs and pinpoints safety hazards. Leveraging MSAI Edge's innovative technology, energy producers and providers gain the tools to streamline operations, facilitating informed decision-making, fostering ongoing enhancement, and guaranteeing uninterrupted energy access for their clientele.

How MSAI EdgeWorks

MSAI Edge harnesses its unique AI and ML algorithms to perform ongoing analysis of advanced imagery and sensory data in real-time. This enables customers to reach extraordinary levels of efficiency, reliability, quality, and safety unmatched by other solutions.
Every industrial asset operates within defined temperature and vibration parameters. Departures from these established ranges may indicate potential maintenance issues. 
MSAI Edge continuously collects data from strategically positioned thermal and acoustic imagers, along with vibration sensors, installed within customer facilities. This ensures ongoing monitoring of critical assets, outputs, and processes.
MSAI Edge employs its exclusive AI-driven algorithms to analyze these data points against established "normal" ranges. This assessment is crucial in evaluating the health and performance of critical assets and pinpointing any deviations in manufactured outputs.
Instant notifications and effortless integration with multiple operational platforms swiftly alert key personnel about detected or anticipated reliability issues. Advanced analytics facilitate predictive maintenance and refine process control across all operational aspects.
Downtime icon-1


Costly unplanned downtime and idle labor

Manufacturing Defect


Output defects, material scrap, and rework costs

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The lifespan and limit repair and replacement costs of critical equipment

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Safety and fire mitigation systems throughout operations and facilities

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