MultiSensor AI’s Single-Pane-of-Glass

Drive Predictive Maintenance and Safety Protocols in Electrical Energy Operations

MSAI Cloud software provides turnkey predictive maintenance and safety solutions for electric energy operations. Combining data inputs from infrared, visible, and acoustic imaging, as well as vibration sensors, MSAI Cloud leverages its AI models to identify and predict critical asset issues across the energy supply chain, from power generation, to transmission and distribution. MultiSensor AI's solutions are proven to reduce costly unplanned downtime and idle labor, improve power stability, identify points of waste, and minimize asset repair and replacement costs.

Electrical Energy Single Pane
AI Analytics icon

Al Analytics

Comprehensive Al analytics and dashboard suiteallows users to gather insights to optimizemaintenance and operational processes

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Remote Viewing

View live Infrared & visible & acoustic & vibrationdata 4 video foode from Ill camerns and sensors.

Alerts and Alarms icon

Alerts & Alarms

Live alert & alarm notifications notify teams orindividuals via email, SMS, Slack, and other

Archival icon

Archival & Retrieval

Store critical data on the platform to enable trendanalyses, enhanced Al model trainina, and datacompliance

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Flexible integrations automatically generate systemwork orders or trigger facility responses in EAM,DCS, PLC, and SCADA systems

Software icon

Software Updates

Ongoing cloud and edge software updates toenable ever-improving functionality, ensuringoptimum performance

MSAI In Electric Power Operations

  • Substation Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring for Substations

MSAI Cloud provides holistic, continuous coverage of a substation operations and its critical assets. Leveraging a continuous stream of imaging and sensing datapoints from thermal cameras, acoustic imagers, and other advanced sensors, MSAI Cloud streamlines predictive maintenance and performance optimization for critical equipment and systems throughout a substation's operations.

Transform Your Electric Utilities Operations

MSAI Cloud leverages AI-powered algorithms to continuously analyzes advanced imagery and sensory data in real-time, empowering energy producers and providers to attain unparalleled levels of efficiency, reliability, quality, and safety. By continuously monitoring crucial equipment and energy generation processes, MSAI Cloud can pinpoint potential asset performance issues and irregularities before they intensify, facilitating prompt corrective measures. MultiSensor AI's innovative technology not only simplifies operations but also enables energy producers and providers to make well-informed choices, fostering ongoing enhancement and guaranteeing seamless energy access for their customers.

Downtime icon-1


Costly unplanned downtime and operational disruptions

Manufacturing Defect


Outages and inconsistencies in power grid

Money icon-1


The lifespan and limit repair and replacement costs of critical equipment

Safety Icon.svg


Safety and fire mitigation systems throughout energy operations and facilities

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