Conveyor Systems

Maximize the Performance and Health of Conveyor Systems

A conveyor system failure costs a manufacturing or fulfillment operation thousands of dollars each hour in production downtime, idle labor, lost throughput, and unrealized revenue. These costs, combined with equipment repair and replacement expenses, means a single failure can easily cost these operations $20,000 to $50,000, or more.  

Fortunately, MSAI Cloud is able to prevent more than 75% of conveyor system failures, including those caused by abnormal friction, belt misalignment or overtightening, bearing failure, overloading, and wear caused by blockages or jams. Through a combination of thermal imaging and vibration sensing hardware, with AI-Powered software, MSAI Cloud is able to identify and predict conveyor system maintenance issues at the earliest possible stage, saving organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity and repair costs each year.

MSAI Cloud_Belt

Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Predict reliability needs for conveyor systems at the earliest possible stage, allowing for maintenance during scheduled downtime.

Maximize Throughput & Revenue

Avoid production interruptions caused by conveyor system reliability issues to maximize output yields and revenue

Limit Repair & Replacement Costs

Greatly reduce repair and replacement costs associated with conveyor belts, bearing, motors and systems.

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