Predict and Prevent Motor Failures Throughout Your Operations

Motors serve as the heartbeat of various processes in industrial operations, driving a vast array of machinery and equipment critical to production, from conveyor belts and pumps to fans and compressors. The impact of motor failure in such environments can be substantial, leading to immediate halts in production lines, lost revenue, and urgent, expensive maintenance or replacements. In many settings, costs associated with motor failure can exceed $50,000 per incident.

MSAI Cloud is able to prevent more than 80% of motor failures, ensuring continuous operations and saving organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. MSAI Cloud leverages a combination of predictive, AI-powered software and advanced imaging and sensing hardware to pinpoint motor performance issues at the earliest possible stages, allowing for maintenance during scheduled downtime. The solution has proven capable of predicting many motor failure causes – including overloading, poor power supply, mechanical wear, overheating, and corrosion – providing customers with the information necessary to maintain their critical motor-dependent operations.

Motor_MSAI Cloud

Mitigate Unplanned Downtime

Identify early signs of poor motor health and performance, allowing for timely repairs during scheduled downtime.

Minimize Operational Disruptions

Avoid production downtime and lost output caused by motor failure throughout critical operations.

Limit Repair & Replacement Costs

Reduce motor repair and replacement costs by identifying potential maintenance needs before significant damage occurs.

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