Substation Monitoring

Remotely Monitor the Health & Performance of Substation Assets

Substations are comprised of numerous high-value components and generate millions of dollars in annual revenue. As the specter of blackouts and brownouts looms over aging infrastructure, utilities face escalating risks and costs associated with critical equipment failures. Individual asset failures result in tens of thousands of dollars in downtime and avoidable repair costs, and catastrophic failures can lead to millions of dollars in lost revenue and equipment replacement costs.

MSAI Cloud is an advanced monitoring system that pairs thermal and acoustic imaging technology with predictive software to provide 24/7/365 remote surveillance of a substation’s critical equipment, ensuring uninterrupted power flow and mitigating maintenance costs. Maximize the health and performance of power transformers, circuit breakers, disconnect switches, load tap changers, insulators, bushings, surge arrestors, control and protective relays, and more, with MSAI Cloud!

Substation monitoring

Mitigate Unplanned Downtime

Identify and diagnose maintenance needs for critical substation equipment, allowing for timely repairs during scheduled downtime.

Minimize Operational Disruptions

Avoid power supply failures and lost revenue caused by critical equipment or system failures throughout a substation.

Limit Repair & Replacement Costs

Greatly reduce repair and replacement costs for critical substation systems, equipment, and components.

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